Joe Trainor Jr.

Army Ranger Veteran, 3/75 | Founder: 1Pet1Vet  

Director of Fundraising Strategy: VenYoeu



Participants of the challenge are encouraged to engage in a 30-second wall sit every day for 30 days and share their video on social media using hashtag #30ForOurFallen. 

The physical act of stillness and reflection is meant to bring awareness to the ultimate sacrifices made by brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect this great country. 

Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, located at 200 Riverfront Drive in Marseilles, Illinois, was built with donated material and labor. It is the first of its kind in the history of the United States. It honors our fallen soldiers by name while we are still in the war that caused the lost lives of our brave soldiers.


VenYoe​u is a fundraising company that specializes in events. We offer event management, production and planning expertise including creating event concepts, sponsorship fulfillment and auction coordination. We manage fundraising and events for causes that are important to us. VenYoeu has worked with a variety of organizations including veteran, educational, youth, community and anti-cruelty organizations.​


Joe Trainor Jr. is the Director of Fundraising Strategy at VenYoeu. Trainor served in the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment with two tours in Afghanistan. ​​When Trainor returned from combat he experienced transitional issues, like so many armed service veterans. Trainor found comfort in a dog while contemplating suicide. Because of that experience, he made it his life’s mission to help reduce the number of veteran suicides by pairing veterans with dogs.

​In April 2012, his mission was to provide as many dogs to as many veterans as possible. 14DDV was set in motion. Trainor trained 14 rescue dogs in 14 days for 14 veterans in the lot of a church in a crime-ridden community on the west side of Chicago.

Trainor then founded the charity, 1Pet1Vet Inc. NFP, which continued his pursuit of saving the lives of dogs and veterans daily. Trainor's conclusion upon leaving 1Pet1Vet, now being recognized solely as founder, was to do what he knew worked and most importantly what it took, money. This is why nonprofits exist or cease to exist, even with a clear mission and hard work behind it. The more money raised, the more lives saved, and this is a product of PR and marketing.

​With his primary focus on raising funds for veteran nonprofits, he joined VenYoeu having realized it is one of the many key assets needed to reach the end goal - saving more lives.


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